Newsflash – nerds tend to be cool! You only have to think of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, or Elon Musk to get the photo. These guys just weren’t racing over the football pitch attracting interest from adoring cheerleaders.

These people were those during the school collection swotting to pass their particular then examination. Nevertheless know very well what? In
, these are the finest men.

Today geek men rule. In case you are a lady internet dating a nerdy guy – congratulations. You’ve made the connection between a great man and a nerdy guy.

If you haven’t recognised the entire prospective on the geek, I’m right here to illuminate you. Today, you may think that you understand everything about nerdy males. Chances are you’ll believe that there clearly was a nerd label hence online dating a nerd suggests playing games and watching Star Wars.

You would certainly be wrong.

There are lots of factors why you need to date a nerd man.

Are 15 Factors Why You Should Be Dating A Nerdy Man

1. They’re not wanting to wow any individual

In school, women you should not time nerds. Inclined these include


or left out from cool crowds of people. In the internet dating world, it is yet another tale.

The nerdy man provides discovered that its all right getting different passions and quirks.

They beat to their own drum, and are satisfied with that. This is why, they know they don’t really must wow any person.

Should they wanna go to comical con or binge-watch reruns of Star Trek or Superstar Wars they will certainly. So there’s an authenticity about residing your life because of this.

2. Nerdy guys are happy to remain in

Have you wished-for connections where in fact the man wanted to remain in a
up on the settee along with you? Now you get one. Don’t is it necessary to stand-in a cold baseball arena acting to enjoy watching your fella run around the pitch.

Don’t you will be obligated to pack your own gym case and workout with your fitness-mad sweetheart. You should not want clubbing this evening? Give your man a call, he’ll only be as well happy to flake out along with you and binge-snack your way through pint-sized popcorn as well as your favorite romcoms.

3. they do not have big egos.

Some men obtain
through their body. You understand the nature; possibly they aren’t that large, so that they get wide and muscly as an alternative. Other people obtain it through content things, for example costly autos or man toys.

Nerds obtain self-esteem from the inside. Nerds and geeks don’t need validation off their men and women. Their intellect provides them with self-confidence. This is why, they do not wish showing off or compensate in other steps.

4. Nerds you should not worry about discovering

Because a technical does not have a big
, you’ll tell them and help them learn stuff. And also by material, i am talking about intercourse. Everybody knows it may simply take sometime for a guy to get at know your body and what transforms us in. Some guys are content to be shown.

However, some guys think they understand all of it and obtain annoyed, actually enraged if we try to let them know that which works for all of us.

Perhaps not the nerd. He can listen patiently, practice until he becomes it correct. They are very happy to just take direction. He knows that it does not think on their expertise as a person. It reflects better on him are observant and ready to find out.

5. Nerds are enthusiastic

Ab muscles definition of a nerd is actually passion, sufficient reason for love will come a lot of other characteristics. I’ll provide you with some examples; love results in curiosity, which in turn results in a desire to educate yourself on.

Studying may be the center of cleverness. Whenever we tend to be


about a subject, very often this overlaps into areas in our resides. So a nerd that is excited about personal computers could be proficient at using situations apart and fixing them.

Or some guy that’s a mathematics nerd may love dealing with your own income tax makes up about you. You will find, there are lots of advantageous assets to internet dating a geek!

6. They’ve a cracking sense of humour

The college ended up being difficult for nerds. Quite a few honed their feeling of humour to deal with unfavorable reviews or intimidation. Plus their particular rational prowess, these guys are super-fast about breaking the funnies.


observational humour

is actually the best. The fantastic thing about nerds is they usually takes bull crap and simply work with-it. Puns, inside laughs, jokes that only you two are located in upon usually takes a life of their own.

7. They price individuality over appearance

If you are dating a nerdy man, it’s not necessary to worry about maybe not sporting make-up or slopping around in trackie soles. The man you’re dating won’t imagine any less of you because he don’t begin a relationship to you due to your appearance.

He took committed to make it to understand you as individuals. He appreciates the


and fictional character. Besides, he cannot truly assess you whenever his reward ownership is actually a Pokémon wrap. So he will not proper care should you apply a few pounds or shed a number of.

8. Nerdy dudes try not to evaluate

Nerds are many non-judgmental people in a relationship. Possibly this is due to they suffered at school. Or perhaps this is due to of the odd passions.

a technical understands that whatever allows you to delighted is ok. Nerds think it is cool to own an accumulation of 400 porcelain frogs within bedroom. Or to merely put on along with purple. A geek will stay and leave live.

9. they don’t perform head video games

With regards to stumbled on dishing the actual manipulative bone tissue nerds got overlooked. Nerds reside their particular genuine existence, so just why would they beginning to play
brain video games
making use of lady they like? It isn’t inside their nature.

It is similar to flirting; nerds don’t know tips do it. Consider your typical nerd as though the individual ended up being a computer. They do not have the hardware for scheming or devious behavior.

Fortunately they do have a big commitment chip!

10. You will be your self with a nerd

Isn’t it exhausting matchmaking a cool piece that works well completely every day and appears gorgeous without attempting? You ought to be on your A-game every 2nd. You simply cannot relax and get yourself. Really, with a nerd, you can.

Undo a switch or two if you’ve consumed excessive, your nerd will not bat an eyelid. Shout and holler at the television as soon as your favored woman becomes eliminated from America’s leading unit. Get that poster of Chris Pratt laminated because you want it to last. They’ll certainly be checking out comical guides anyway.

11. You will be constantly studying as soon as you date a nerd

Nerds don’t just discover stuff these are typically passionate about, they understand various other interesting stuff also. Nerds tend to be normally inquisitive, plus they absorb knowledge like a sponge.

Their brains go-off on tangents. If a geek doesn’t know one thing, he goes from their way to find about it. Nerds tend to be key treasure troves of odd details and interests that amaze and excite you.

12. Nerds like repairing stuff

Have you ever had a
having said that he’d correct your computer or laptop or car or TV? Next weeks later on he still hasn’t gotten around to coming in contact with it? You’ll never have that problem with a nerd.

The possibilities are that he or she know tips correct your stuff, but if they don’t they will understand somebody who does. Plus they you shouldn’t hang about often. Nerds tend to be proactive, they don’t really procrastinate.

13. Nerdy dudes are delicate

It’s really no surprise that geeks are more painful and sensitive than your own Average Joe. Capable pick up on someone’s feeling immediately. Nerds tend to be emphatic and thoughtful men and women. Keep in mind, they’ve most likely experienced tough times themselves.

As a result, they are able to recognise the indicators that somebody is actually unfortunate or angry. In addition they will not want you to
hide your emotions
from their website both.

14. They don’t like recreations

I dated a guy when that liked this specific soccer staff. Every week-end we’d go to out games or stay and see the house video games. It failed to make a difference exactly what the weather was actually or if I experienced another thing i desired to-do.

Not just that, but he watched all the other baseball games. This is keeping rating for the matches for the group. As someone that detests football, this is torture at their many brutal. I rest my situation.

15. Nerds make decent money

Eventually, nerds tend to have great jobs on it or processing. Their unique skills are highly wanted, there are many prestigious jobs open to them. Plus, in case you are internet dating one you could find yourself with a
billionaire spouse


Perform nerdy men make great men?

The average
nerdy man
is a delicate, enthusiastic and caring kind. These the male is smart and fascinating to speak with. They may be non-judgmental, and end up being yourself when you find yourself with these people. Nerds won’t perform brain games or manipulate you, and they’ve got a super-dry love of life.

What type of lady perform nerdy dudes like?

Nerds like a non-pretentious lady that’s not afraid to get herself. Geeky men are drawn to compassionate girls which can be silent and sensitive. Loud
attention-couple seeking girl
women tend to be a turn-off in their mind. Intelligence, generosity and power of character tend to be qualities they look away for.

What do I need to get my nerdy sweetheart?

Follow your own nerdy boyfriend’s passions and
buy him something
that compliments it. Geeks and nerds love odd tees, books on the favorite topic, build-your-own packages, unusual lighting, mind games, anything to carry out utilizing the factors, sci-fi, background, physics, and astronomy; anything with puns or literary works.

How will you determine if a nerdy man wants you?

A nerdy guy won’t arrive straight out and ask you for a romantic date. Its more likely that they’re going to hang in your favorite spots and wish you observe all of them. They Will
act anxious
around you but will happen alive whenever dealing with their unique passions. All things considered, you might be one to inquire about all of them on a night out together because it’s so obvious they want to ask you to answer .

How do you get a nerd to anything like me?

Discover what that they like performing and steadily learn all of them as pals. Do not leap in prematurely or you’ll frighten all of them down. Inform them about any quirks or passions you have to
obtain their unique count on
. Use texts and social networking to speak at first because they might be timid. Go slowly and create up a friendship when you inquire further on a date.


I’m hoping I have revealed you that online dating nerdy men is the better. They’ve got such available, consider simply take an opportunity?

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