Bookkeeping for hair stylist

How much you pay depends on your filing status and taxable income, explains the Tax Foundation. Better Bookkeepers is a true, full-service bookkeeping business near you that provides any relevant services you need. If you’re looking to audit-proof your business and review your finances, we’re the right choice. You can also contract Better Bookkeepers to handle your bookkeeping on a monthly basis. Alternatively, you might want to get salon bookkeeping software like QuickBooks operational so you can handle more of the work on your own.

You can handle bookkeeping, financial reporting, and billing through inbuilt integrations all in one spot. Income, which can also be called revenue, is the money collected from offering a service, like hair styling. Bookkeeping is the act of recording every transaction in your business.

  • Linda Rost started Better Bookkeepers in 1999, and since then the team has worked for over two decades.
  • I offer a free 30-minute consultation to salon owners to discover how you can move beyond the chaos and restore order to your salon.
  • Having a bookkeeper allows you to concentrate on offering services to clients while they take care of financial records.
  • This means that your records won’t only be correct, but they’ll be simple and easy to understand.
  • Developed for the cloud, AccountsIQ is suitable for dynamic organizations expanding locally or worldwide through divisions, acquisition, or a salon franchising model, facilitating daily operations.

As a salon owner, I’m sure you’ve said this to yourself when a client tells you your too expensive during a consultation. Business owners are notorious for cutting costs wherever they can to increase their bottom line. What they don’t realize is that isn’t always the best action when it comes to hiring a professional.

Manage the cash flow in your salon:

By keeping records of salon services, product sales, and business-related costs, hairstylists can understand their business’s financial health and profitability. Bookkeeping also aids in preparing for tax obligations and complying with financial regulations. Having accurate financial information enables hairstylists to make informed decisions about pricing, cost-saving strategies, and business growth. Proper bookkeeping ensures financial transparency, credibility, and success for their hairstyling business. It’s an all-in-one accounting solution that manages all your bookkeeping needs, from creating professional invoices to managing cash flow and tracking time for you and your employees. FreshBooks offers seamless integration options so you can manage your appointment scheduling directly through your accounting software to save time.

You need accounting software for your salon business that simplifies the bookkeeping process. That way, you can spend more time behind the salon chair with clients and less time tied down to a desk. FreshBooks offers best-in-class accounting tools designed with your small business in mind, so you can ditch the complicated calculations and time-consuming spreadsheets. Its suite of products works together to offer a streamlined accounting solution that keeps your finances in order, even when your hands are tied up with styling tools.

  • As for every business owner looking for an up-to-date way to run their business, here are several ideas to help you make the right choice.
  • As an independent beauty professional, you are subject to both self-employment tax and income tax.
  • You could be wasting time and money if your bookkeeping system isn’t set up properly.
  • FreshBooks offers seamless integration options so you can manage your appointment scheduling directly through your accounting software to save time.
  • Don’t leave your books at the mercy of your well-meaning friend who took a couple classes in high school.
  • As a business owner, you must ensure that customer service will always be available in any circumstances.

Owning a salon or spa comes with handling more than one responsibility, consisting of servicing your clients, overseeing your company, and coping with your enterprise finances. Whether you very own a hair, nail, tanning, spa, or splendor salon, your number one source of income comes from one’s services. For example, you may use a form with the scheduling option to get the client’s details, such as name and contact number. Bonsai is also great for managing the taxes of your hairdresser business.


This software is designed with inbuilt reporting tools that can generate significant financial records and as well provide sales and marketing support. This software can help a hairdresser manage funds, acquire supplies online, and audit customer records, saving time and energy. Are you a hairdresser looking for the best accounting software for your hairdressing business? Worry no more; here is another accounting software with all the great features you need to provide a solution to your accounting needs without breaking the bank. The square appointment is popular because of its simplicity, making it easy to use and straightforward with no technical jargon. This accounting software is an all-in-one solution for lead generation, booking and scheduling appointments, reminders, and payment acceptance.

Establishing a different bank account from your personal one keeps things clear-cut and transparent. By doing this, you can prevent yourself from using money intended for business expenses for personal ones. By opening two separate accounts, you can plan your business finances and pay yourself a portion of the money you earn from your small business. At the end of each tax year, the taxman expects you to file returns. You don’t have to start looking for financial records a few days prior to the due date.

All our services are available 100% online for salons located anywhere in the USA. Contact us today at our Milwaukee, Brookfield or Madison locations for a completely free consultation. Our outsourced bookkeeping & virtual CFO services are available anywhere in or outside of Wisconsin. From our offices in Milwaukee, Madison and Brookfield we primarily serve businesses located in and around Milwaukee, Dane, Ozaukee, Washington and Waukesha counties.


To keep a positive working relationship, you must also make your supplier payments on time. Your to-do list of long and your days are short, so outsource your bookkeeping and save yourself the hassle of trying to do all the things. I bet it wasn’t much if any and I know because I went to beauty school too. Each month you’ll be able to track your business’s performance through interactive dashboards. Giving our clients the financial support they need to succeed in their business is our only business.

Bookkeeping for hair stylist

Depending on your partner’s income, it may be different if filing jointly. If you follow the tips below, you too can stay organized throughout your year and maximize your profits annually. Expenses, also known as expenditures, is the amount of Bookkeeping for hair stylist money you spend running your business. This includes rent, supplies, and anything else you might purchase for your business. Accounts receivable, on the other hand, is the account where you record what a customer has paid you for your services.

The new Accounting Software from FreshBooks empowers salon owners like you to spend less time on bookkeeping and more time serving your clients. One way you can ease financial strain is to calculate how much money you need to make per month to cover your expenses and basic lifestyle needs. Once you have this number, figure out how many clients you need to book per month to achieve that income. One of the decisions you make as a hairstylist is where you’ll conduct your business. If you’re thinking about renting a chair or studio space from a salon, we recommend making at least a general budget before moving forward with a rental agreement.


Your salon relies on a steady stock of products to keep customers happy and sales skyhigh. FreshBooks integrates seamlessly with the BarCloud app for a sophisticated salon inventory management system. With an automated record keeping program, you can say goodbye to time-consuming manual data entry and always know exactly what’s in stock. Schedule client appointments witha few simple clicks and zero frustrationusing the Acuity Scheduling integration for FreshBooks. View your salon’s daily appointments at a glance and automate bookings, cancellations, appointment reminders and payments, for a pain-free salon scheduling system. No matter where in your business you use tech tools, it’s important that they all work together smoothly.

Basic Bookkeeping Spreadsheet Small Business Income and Expense Tracker Accounting Easy to use MS Excel

Customers can easily pay you with a credit card by clicking a few buttons on an invoice. Your customers won’t have to be concerned about payment protection thanks to top-notch encryption and security. To take the guesswork out of online payments for salons, we provide a clear, reasonable fee structure. Due to the numerous advantages they enjoy, many salons and hairdressers today have switched from using manual accounting books to digital ones. Unfortunately, some business owners choose to ignore it and experience financial instability as a result. Here are some of the factors that make bookkeeping crucial for independent hairdressers.

Easy Bookkeeping Spreadsheet Template for Google Sheets, Small Business Bookkeeping Spreadsheet, Income & Expense Tracker

Working with an accountant can also help you realize what you can claim on your taxes, meaning what can be deducted. If you are purchasing any sort of materials or consumables like shampoo, dyes, towels, etc., those can be written off your taxes. Travel costs can also be deducted, along with any small items purchased during that year like scissors, rollers, straighteners, etc. The rule of thumb is usually if you purchase it for your business, you can write it off your taxes. Keeping a good record can also help you understand where in your business you’re thriving and where you need to put in more work.

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